About Me

For 15 years I fought an invisible monster. I was recommended everything from anti-anxiety medications to painkillers as treatment for a mysterious severe cramping in my pelvic area, misdiagnosed as “period pains”. In actuality, my body was suffering from years of chronic inflammation, triggered by a silent killer, Endometriosis, often shortened to “Endo.”

In April of 2017, I was diagnosed with stage four Endometriosis, post laparoscopic surgery. This inflammatory disease is known to create unhealthy conditions for women’s bodies, including infertility, autoimmune dysfunction, and ovarian cancer. During my recovery, I was prescribed opiates for pain management, but I instead elected to test out a natural alternative called Cannabidiol.

Better known as CBD, this compound is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis and is quickly gaining recognition as a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuro-protectant, anxiolytic, antidepressant, antiemetic, and anti-psychotic. After taking the time to do research on the inner workings of endometriosis, I discovered I have what is called an “endocannabinoid deficiency”. I was amazed to learn that CBD could stimulate my endocannabinoid system and work synergistically with other cannabinoids and phytochemicals to treat various ailments! I hope that documenting my research and teaching about the various administration methods can provide insight and inspiration to those struggling with symptoms capable of being alleviated by CBD.


You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.

Julian Seifte


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My CBD Diary is a place for creativity, exploration and inspiration; a blog chronicling my discovery of new cannabidiol products and their healing potential. I believe anyone deserves to lead a healthy, balanced life and doing so should be easy.

The content created here is targeted for those with a sensibility for wellness and an interest in integrating CBD into their mindful activities. I hope you will leave this site with a new understanding of cannabis, an idea of how to use it personally, or a feeling of confidence and support.


-Jessica Till
Founder & Creative Director